ART / / / Drawing inspiration from life in Brooklyn, NYC and Upstate New York, KOFF designs combines elements of nature, urban life, and the human body. The "X" seen in many pieces represents a humble approach to creation, universality and the unknown. Using techniques of wheatpasting, photography, and craft, while utilizing local, sustainable and reclaimed materials, bold and haunting images are crafted that have power in any room. Issues of indigenous life, inner-city poverty, the forest, and urban decay as well as hope, humanity and authenticity are all present in this current series. For prices and purchase contact koffdesigns@gmail.com

DESIGN /// Conceptual designs such as the "PILLS" series aim to observe and often subvert themes of politics, consumerism, medication and consumption. For prices and purchase contact koffdesigns@gmail.com

CONCRETE poetry / / / DavidX holds an MFA in Creative Writing - Poetry. Unsatisfied with only traditional means of publication, DavidX has taken to the streets on NYC to 'self-publish' his work with wheatpasted posters on the many walls of the 5 boroughs and beyond. Blurring the lines between poetry, visual art and photography, these works of words and symbols exist in context of their surrounding lanscapes. Photographic prints available. For prices and purchase contact koffdesigns@gmail.com

FURNITURE / / / One of a kind creations made from reclaimed materials sourced in Brooklyn, NY. These hand made, eco-friendly pieces are a statement on industry, nature, history and time. Using salvaged lumber, fire, paint, shipping pallets, found objects and with a ton New York soul, these solid and sturdy works of art are made with love. For prices and purchase contact koffdesigns@gmail.com